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About Us

Who We Are

Absolute Headhunters has over 30 years of experience in the executive search and placement sector. Companies all over the world have immensely benefited from our executive recruitment consultant and placement services. Absolute Headhunters was founded in 1988 and has gone on to become one of the top executive search firms in the world. Over the years, we've built a long list of clients, organizational and business professional contacts. Historically, our placement process track record has been exemplary and unequaled. By successfully utilizing our recruiting solutions services, many of the world's leading companies have accelerated their growth and business presence.

Absolute Headhunters is a pioneer and expert in the recruitment industry sector. Our specialties include recruitment and placement of superior personnel. These include executives, CEO, CFO, c-level company candidates, among others. Business leaders in search of Olympian talent and qualified candidates rely on our services. At the same time, peerless professionals looking to advance their careers have also been effectively positioned. Absolute Headhunters's core principles are predicated upon always placing the clients first. These basic tenets are embedded into every member of our team of executive search professionals.


Our executive search firm is highly respected and regarded as a global leader. We have experience and expertise, which is unparalleled. For any business, the ultimate goals are superlative results, expansion and deliverables. Over the years, Absolute Headhunters has achieved a proven track record with superior attainments. Companies looking to advance and grow have acquired our services and experienced unprecedented outcomes.

We have become one of the world's top executive retained search firms because of professionalism, experience, deliverables and dedication. The Absolute Headhunters understands the needs of every client we serve. We deploy a streamlined, comprehensive and customized road map uniquely tailored for every client. The methodology behind our process renders triumphant deliverables at an accelerated pace. Our technique allows us to seek, identify, evaluate and place superior talent with proficiency, transcendence and outstanding results. It is why Absolute Headhunters is regarded as one of the best executive recruiting firms in the nation today.

Absolute Headhunters's top-rated executive placements services can bring about considerable outcomes for your company. Every member of our recruitment executive team is invested and devoted to your success. One of our tenets is established upon complete clients and candidates progress and triumph. Absolute Headhunters's proclivity goes beyond meeting your expectations. Instead, our Endeavor is exceeding those projections with surpassing consequences. In addition, Absolute Headhunters adheres to a high standard of integrity and ethics when it comes to our clientele.

These basic principles are part of the core foundation of our firm. It is why Absolute Headhunters is recognized as one of the best globally certified executive search firms. Many prodigious companies around the world understand what we bring to the negotiating table. All of our team members understand that performance and results are critical. They are what ultimately matters the most to clients. The execution and results of our services are the ultimate reflections by which our firm is measured. Adhering to these tenets are part of what has made Absolute Headhunters one of the most sought after retained executive search firms and recruitment companies in the USA.

Our Team

Tim Anderson

For decades, Tim Anderson has been at the helm of Absolute Headhunters - Tim is the CEO and Senior Executive Recruiter leading a staff of professional and talented executive search consultants. Since 1988, Anderson's dedication, experience and competence helped make Absolute Headhunters one of the top executive recruiting firms in the world.

Today, Absolute Headhunters is a leader when it comes to executive recruitment agencies. They provide their prestigious list of clients staffing solutions with unparalleled consequences. The diverse and immense client portfolio compilation consists of many of the world's most prominent and prosperous companies. These include small, medium and Fortune 500 enterprises. The executive recruitment agency is led by a contingent of top-notch management recruiters and superlative executive search consultants.

With more than 30 years of experience in the executive recruiting sector, Tim Anderson is well respected by his peers. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of industries. Tim's indefatigable work ethics competencies and proficiency catapulted Absolute Headhunters to one of the top 10 executive search firms in NYC. His leadership and professionalism are why Absolute Headhunters is one of the best executive search and recruitment firms today.

David Gordon

Leading the way as an Executive Recruiter for the Absolute Headhunters, David Gordon epitomizes competency. As a corporate recruiter, he has led Absolute Headhunters to the top when it comes to professional search firms. His penchant for identifying and providing superior talent has made David distinguished and esteemed in the industry. His specialties include the provision of exceeding executive-level candidates to many of the world's leading companies. Mr. Gordon's expertise also covers an array of industries. Since 1998, his efficiency in scoping out potential qualifiers have made him one of the best executive recruitment consultants in the industry.

David's experience and achievement have allowed him to build advantageous and indispensable relationships with essential business contacts. In addition, his proficiency in identifying and placing prospects has resulted in phenomenal outcomes. Both clients and candidates respect Mr. Gordon's effectiveness in Recruiting solutions. Each has benefited significantly in growth and success. The competence by which his executive search and selections are carried out is why David is so distinguished and admired as a recruitment executive.

William Henderson

As the head of leadership consulting, William Henderson has earned a reputation for his tenaciousness and accomplishments. For decades, William has been working closely with professionals seeking job opportunities. His expertise and relationships cover a comprehensive continuum of industries.

As a head leadership consultant, William facilitates candidates with invaluable assistance. These include identifying rewarding opportunities and matching them with candidates' skill sets and objectives. In addition, Mr. Henderson provides career guidance to many of the world's prodigious contenders.

Utilizing his vast knowledge in the executive recruitment process, he scopes out lucrative positions for clients. The end results are profitable and fruitful endeavors for all of those involved. Additionally, William is also efficient and experienced in finance, marketing recruiting and accounting. His other specialties include candidate development and sourcing candidates.

The competence and professionalism by which Mr. Henderson carries out his responsibilities have made him an eminent presence in the executive appointments sector.

Ryan Harper

Ryan Harper has played a pivotal role in making Absolute Headhunters one of the top consulting recruiting firms that it is today. For years Ryan has used his expertise and professionalism to forge success within the company. His competencies are renowned and they are part of the reason Absolute Headhunters is regarded as a top executive search firm.

As a director of talent, Mr. Harper has continuously implemented processes that have been vital to both clients and candidates. His ability and proficiency in deploying procedures are all part of his business acumen. Ryan uses his specialties and talent in order to achieve objectives and meet organizational milestones.

His competency in editing and writing marketing strategies effectively led Absolute Headhunters to the list of the best retained recruiting firms in America. Mr. Harper also executes a broad spectrum of marketing strategies with triumphant results. In addition, Ryan manages client relationships using his exceptional leadership qualities.

What we offer

Absolute Headhunters ideology centers in providing unmitigated and encompassing attention to our clients. We are acclaimed for our propensity to listen, analyze and respond with readiness to your needs. These are just some of the things which separate us from the rest. The executive search financial services we provide focuses on covering all facets of your company's requirements.

Absolute Headhunters's team of professionals are industry veterans with decades of experience, expertise and knowledge. We are proud of being rated among the top best executive placement firms in the nation.